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We develop and instil leadership capabilities and skills to ensure the successful provision of projects and advancing great careers in the field. The Institute of Certified Project Managers (ICPM) is a world’s leading institution for the people who want to progress their careers in the field of project management.

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Enroll in the ICPM programme​

Enrolling in ICPM Global will enable you to become a member of our institution and take advantage of the many benefits that arrive with being a member of the institution.


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Register for the ICPM Global exam by becoming a member or staying a non-member student to outshine your financial and managerial career prospects.


Complete the certification requirements

Thoroughly understand the requirements you have to fulfill in order to avail the certification and prepare the supporting documents you need to submit for taking the exam.

Starting your career with Online Certification of Certified Project Manager that is internationally recognized.

It helps you in learning important skills that are focused on the fundamental knowledge of project management methodologies, tools, and technologies.

CPM helps you in gaining project management professional training that adds value to the resume and provides industry recognition

The increasing need for Project Managers in the world has increased the demand for these skills. So, if you wonder which certification will help you in polishing your skills? ICPM Certification is the Answer!

These skills provide an exposure that is a combination of current trends and best practices in project management hence learning new tricks and techniques.

Your Trust in ICPM will be built from the first day through our extensive training and guidance program that will help in steering your professional goals and aligning them with the industry needs.

Online certification of Certified Project Manager (CPM)

Aims to create and enhance your project management skills in order to theoretically plan and organize a project impeccably. Our globally recognized  Online certification of Certified Project Manager (CPM) validates your ability to plan, execute and manage projects in the most efficient way. ICPM’s Certified Project Manager certification sets you apart and elevates your earning potential extensively.

The Institute of Certified Project Managers (ICPM) presents to you the certifications that are recognised globally!

With an extensive student body, leaders and professionals, ICPM renders the certifications that are internationally recognised and extract your managerial potential. We provide a career path to the people who aspire to lead through their expertise in the field of business and management!

Kick-start your professional management career with Online Certification of Certified Project Manager.
ICPM aims to develop and enhance your skills and expertise with our globally recognized certifications in order to demonstrate proficient managerial and leadership competencies.

Our certification

Project Management Professional Training

Project Management and its related skills have become one of the necessary things required by managers in businesses and companies. The world around us is changing constantly which is why professionals need to have a platform where professional training is provided. So worry not! Below are mentioned reasons of why you should choose ICPM as your training platform.

Our Experience

ICPM has a body of professional trainers and project managers with 10+ years of experience in the field of project management. They are there to guide and support you in steering your career in the right direction!

Project Management Training

The dire need of the organizations is to shape their employees as an efficient project manager. So Project Management Professional Training through ICPM provides you with the ability to enhance your evaluation and training skills. This professional training helps you in building your credential despite the field you are in.

Building Leadership Skills

ICPM programmer Online Training is built in a way that upgrades your leadership skills that help in keeping all the team together as Project Lead. ICPM programmer Online Training is built in a way that upgrades your leadership skills that help in keeping all the team together as Project Lead.

Building Adaptability

ICMP Programmer Online Training also provides you with people-orientation and teamwork training that is beneficial for you. As the world is moving fast, companies require individuals that adapt fast, work in a team, and understand their colleagues well. So ICPM is your way to these qualities.

Our Aluminous

With an extensive professional and alumni body, this certification aims at boosting your salary, create language mastery, and enhance the risk management skills of the students and professionals.

We Provide! You Gain!

So if you want to become a project manager that industries look for, Choose ICPM! CPM Certification provides you with the professional edge that is required during your interview! Let's not forget credibility. The difference between a normal and CPM Certified project manager can be greatly seen as it has become the most sought after credential to increase your job prospects.

Discover how taking the CPM course at ICPM paved the way for a successful career of our customers!