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About Us

About Us

The Institute of Certified Project Managers (ICPM) is a world’s leading institution for the people who want to progress their careers in the field of project management. We are a US-based project management institute with an extensive student body and world-class resources at hand to take you on a roll in the field of project management. Our globally recognized standards, work policies and certifications are what set us apart from other institutions offering project management certifications, thus making us a leader in making future leaders!


The communities, tools, publications, academic research and professional development courses with global recognition at IPMC ensure your ultimate career development and success. We reinforce our worldwide advocacy for project management and professionalism with great support and most widely used business and management practices. We develop and instil leadership capabilities and skills to ensure the successful provision of projects and advancing great careers in the field.

What is CPM?

Certified Project Manager (CPM) is a certification which advocates management training to first-hand supervisors and to enhance the acknowledgement of management as a profession. The certification holds immense importance in improving the success rate of projects in all areas of business and management. The certification is designed to develop project management professionals who can take the field to a whole new level by applying and implementing the best practices of management and a wide array of tools, techniques and strategies for successfully managing the projects. Certified Project Manager (CPM) certification ensures that the managers are equipped with essential skills and expertise that are relevant to the changing business environment globally.


Institute of Certified Project Managers (ICPM) is a globally recognised project management institution based in the United States of America. It holds prime importance and recognition in the provision of professional project management and career development certifications. Propelling your management career with the world-class professionals, leaders and student body by achieving globally recognised certifications is what ICPM has built its trust and excelled in. We present strategies, insights and perspectives of the world’s leading project management professionals in order to render impeccable training and development, learning, skills and expertise to foster excellence in every project you undertake.