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Certified Agile Practitioner


Opportunities for Agile professionals are expanding in every field and industry, Certified Agile Practitioner (CAP) by Institute of Certified Project Managers (ICPM) is here to channel your Agile skills. The Agile methodology has become the need of the hour because of its pinnacle benefits and If you want to become an expert and master of Agile principles this credential is impeccable for you.
This certification scheme is formulated by certified and professional giants of ICPM and they are competitive to introduce you with the future world of Agile. The CAP covers significant agile frameworks including Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Test Driven Development (TDD), and Extreme Programming (XP) to match your expertise with recent trends.
No wonder, that Agile preferring organizations are more dynamic and yield better performance than their counterparts. Our certification developed by agilists and developed for agalists, is standardized and equips aspirants with reliable, valid and consistent knowledge and experience to take their career on a roll.
After getting this advanced level certification you will become more successful in your discipline and industry.


To earn the Certified Agile Practitioner (CAP) credential, candidates must have following prerequisites.

Course Outline

Sections Exam Weightage
Project Pre Launch 10%
Project Launch 10%
Project Planning 20%
Project Execution 20%
Project Monitoring and Control 20%
Project Closing. 10%
Project Post Implementation 10%

Fee Structure

Membership Fee $80
Annual Subscription $25
Certification Delivery Charges $75
Download Certificate Free of cost
Members Non Members
Exam $400 $475
Ebook (CPM Guide) $100 $150
Practice Exam $100 $150


Certified Agile Practitioner requires specific prerequisites to match the candidate’s eligibility level with certification standards. To have more guidance visit this.

Eligibility requirements can be waived regarding your educational or experience level. To get verification contact us with your documents.

Our instructors ensure the availability of relevant course material according to subject practices but to get more knowledge and pass the certification with distinction we will recommend you to visit http://reliancebookstore.com/

Approval time entirely based on your documents transparency, with all accessible information, it takes 24 hours to approve your application.
You are required to renew your certification after every 3 years by getting 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs).
It’s better to reschedule the exam before 48 hours, but in case you don’t reschedule the fee can be adjusted in some other course.
The average passing score to pass the exam is 70% but it may fluctuate depending on experts’ judgment about the complexity of the exam. If the exam has less complexity level the passing percentage will be set higher and if it complexity level is higher the passing score will be set low.
There is no end of learning, in Subject of Agile there are always new things to learn. Despite having different certifications there still exist an opportunity to learn. To match your skill set with industrial needs it’s imperative to learn more.