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Certified Scrum Practitioner


To enhance your Management capabilities and effectiveness as a Scrum professional, Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) by ICPM Global is a boon for your Professional career. CSP credential is an elementary level designation for individuals willing to occupy Scrum Master or Scrum team member positions. If you are encouraged to get a top and valued role in the management team, CSP certification renders you the opportunity to make progress.

As a senior manager you are responsible to promote your organization’s Strategic Objectives and Certified Scrum Practitioner allows you to perform this obligation. We ensure the delivery of best Scrum principles, practices and terminologies with our certified and experienced professionals.
Our professional instructor teams have proven themselves by improving Agile and Scrum principles practices and its solid indication is their documented training, manifesting experience, and authentic and proven knowledge.
Get immense experience with the globally recognized certification body, ICPM, benchmark of knowledge and competency. Our Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) credential is valued throughout the world and provides relevant skills and training to lead Agile teams.


If you are working in scrum teams or your firm is transforming its traditional practices with agile, the ICPM-CSP is the best option you have.

There is no specific prerequisite for this 2-days training course. You are required to have basic understanding of the Scrum Practices but you will avail enormous benefit in terms of knowledge if you have relevant experience in the industry. 

Course Outline

Course duration is 2 days including 23 hours training. After completion of training candidates are required to acknowledge the Licence Agreement to qualify for 50 questions CSP test within 60 minutes.
Sections Exam Weightage
Theoretical Aspects 60%
Practical Challenges 40%

Fee Structure

Membership Fee $80
Annual Subscription $25
Certification Delivery Charges $75
Download Certificate Free of cost
Category Members Non Members
Exam $100 $150
Ebook (CPM Guide) $100 $150
Practice Exam $100 $150


Everyone who has passion for scrum practices, or is part of an agile team in organization can qualify for Certified Scrum Practitioner accreditation.

The  virtual exam’s result will be emailed byICPM to all candidates within seconds as we use  real time system testing and passed candidates will be awarded with certification.

The passing score for certification is 70%. You have to correct 35 answers from a set of 50 questions within one hour.

Both certifications have their significant value in industry, it’s up to your own choice. To let you have an ease in decision making, we can elaborate it like this that Scrum is one Agile methodology and initial level to get in Agile practices. Whereas, Agile is a higher level of credential with various methods including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP), and many more.
When you register in ICPM Global Scrum certification, you are issued an exam access code. It’s valid for up to 365 days. Take your time to be prepared for the examination. If you don’t clear the exam your exam activation code can be reactivated and you can retake the exam.
Code is generated as soon as you get registered with us hence, it just takes seconds for its real-time generation.
Here is good news for you that the success rate of Certified Scrum Master credential is pretty good. It’s about 97%.
Certified Scrum Practitioner doesn’t have any such criteria, however it’s appropriate to have some experience as a scrum worker in the industry.