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Five Ways the CPM® Certification Can Help You Get an Amazing Job

In today’s time and age, it does not matter if you are a veteran or a newcomer trying to climb up the ladder, there is a certification of project management for you. Becoming a certified project manager makes a huge difference for a person to stand out from a crowd of other project managers.


About 97% of organizations accept that good knowledge on project management is critical to the success of an association.


Unfortunately, merely about half of the project managers actually get the certification and are skilled in their residency in the field of project management. Still the fact remains, that these certifications can hugely assist an individual in the progression and furtherance of one’s career.

Organizations not only want to enlist certified individuals but also offer the opportunity to provide better tasks in the future.

Here are the five ways CPM® Certification can help you get an amazing job.

  • Adds a huge weightage to one’s resume

There are several professional certifications one can pursue throughout the career. But, among all of those, CPM® Certification is one of the most valuable certificate programmes. Interviewers looking to fill in a position of a project manager understand this. Hence, they tend to prioritize profiles with certification over those which do not have it.

Project management jobs are high in demand and many people apply for these jobs. So the companies like to filter out as many people as possible before the project management interview process. This is where the certification proves beneficial. Furthermore, many companies are making it mandatory to have a project management certification. It means you cannot even apply for some positions without these credentials.


  • Provision of global acknowledgement and industry recognition

Project Management Certifications are recognized globally. Regardless of the professional background and industry, you can gain by adding the certification to your CV.

When you get a certification from a solid foundation, you become able to grandstand your abilities and expertise to organizations everywhere around the world. Being perceived and searched after the name in an industry, you get the worldwide acknowledgment and global affirmation to work anywhere you wish to.


  • A skillful and expert project management performance

The professionals who are certified in project management will in general perform superior to those with no accreditation by any means. PM certification has high standards. It is not easy to clear this exam and includes learning several hard and soft skills. A certified PM administrator is very much aware of the processes involved in project management such as:

  •  initiation
  •  planning
  • execution
  • monitor
  • closure

Along with these, they are well aware of risk management techniques and best project management practices. Such significant knowledge causes you to make the correct strides that lead to better execution and lift in general profitability.


  • Certified Project Managers are chosen for challenging projects

A project management certification helps an individual to gain the trust of managers in handling challenging projects. As a certified individual develops the right skill set, he or she is not shy or afraid nor have any second thoughts before handing over a plum project to.

Also, a certification equips you with both knowledge and experience enabling you to get better job opportunities from great organizations validating your credibility to lead and manage projects in a better way.


  • Provides a network of opportunities

The Institute of Certified Projects Managers has a meeting network for all of its students. The benefits of such networking sessions are many. During these meetings, one can get to know about any new job opportunities that are shared by people who value this certification.

ICPM meetings allot specific time to advertise such jobs. And there are other online and offline communities through which certified project managers interact with each other. These communities help in building professional networks. Further, this certification allows a person to mentor the other aspirants who wish to get the CPM® Certification.

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