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Getting Start with ICPM

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get started with the finest Project Management certification.

Enroll in the ICPM programme

Enrolling in the ICPM will enable you to become a member of our institution and take advantage of the many benefits that arrive with being a member of the institution.

Register for the exam​

Register for the CPM exam by becoming a member or staying a non-member student to outshine your financial and managerial career prospects.

Complete the certification requirements

Thoroughly understand the requirements you have to fulfill in order to avail the certification and prepare the supporting documents you need to submit for taking the exam.

Salient Features:

Fees & Charges

Fee structure for ICPM Global students includes following. In case of any query contact with us.

For Members

Exam $400
Ebook (CPM Guide) $100
Practice Exam $100

For Non Members

Exam $500
Ebook (CPM Guide) $150
Practice Exam $150

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